Over the years, the job and duties of a case manager have increased, and with this increase comes an elevation in stress, burnout, and lack of effective personal client attention.

Due to this growth, the case manager is forced to place priority and focus on performance measures and standards rather than the individuals they serve which brings us to the question that has challenged workforce centers and development boards across the nation.

Numbers or People? Which one is our focus? How can we achieve both effectively and efficiently?

Well, after almost 20 years of business, ADAPT Companies has the answer and solution to this question! Our answer is the Career Specialist Certification Training Curriculum… It's effective, efficient, affordable. It is the best career coaching and placement program around.

This curriculum is re-defining the job/role of a career specialist. The 10 power packed, easy to complete modules engage the following topic areas:
1. The Job of A Career Specialist/Case Manager using the Triage Case Management method
2. Career Specialist - The Required Knowledge & Abilities
3. The Coach Connection - Creating the Client
4. Assessing the Client
5. Developing the Client's Readiness
6. Helping the Client Find Employment
7. Helping the Client Succeed On the Job
8. Developing Job and Career Opportunities for the Clients
9. Managing the Difficult Client
10. Managing a Caseload (Power Management for Caseworkers)

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