When you use this 10 module curriculum, you are giving the individual the tools that they need to become not only a better employee, but also the tools to become the person they can be.

The "Making Healthy Choices" Program is intended to help participants understand the impact of the choices they make on their lives and lifestyles. It helps participants to reflect on the thought processes and behavioral patterns that have shaped their present life situations and identify the changes that will be needed to positively redirect their lives.

The class and accompanying workbook are the basic structure for the class, however the instructor will learn very quickly that personalizing the class and the method of delivery is every bit as effective as the materials themselves. Combining a personal touch and a sense of pace is the heartbeat of this class. And now... the WORKBOOK!

The Making Healthy Choices workbook utilizes a client pre-assessment to help customize the learning experience for the participants by identifying specific areas of needs for each client.

It incorporates a dynamic, highly interactive learning approach that minimizes traditional lecture and accentuates group dynamics and team participation through fun-filled activities.

It also focuses on the "total person" rather than merely employment topics. The workbook recognizes that the success of the individual on the job is dependent upon their ability to manage their personal life, home life, finances as well as the requirements for job performance.