The Train The Trainer video series is intended to work as both a training tool for the instructors of the Making Healthy Choices curriculum, and as a refresher course when needed. The video is presented in a way that is easy to understand and professional so that instructors of the curriculum have a personal feeling and receive the benefits of our world class trainers.


The video is shipped in a Quicktime format on CD for your convenience. Each of the 10 modules is on a separate CD so that you can view the training in stages and so that more than one person can view the training at one time, thus improving productivity and allowing you to come back to certain modules for refresher courses or so you can view certain areas of instruction over again when you like.

The CD’s also contain handouts in the popular PDF format so that you can print them when you watch individual module trainings, and so that you may have them for future reference. The training is also offered in person at your location, or we can make arrangements to fit any of your needs.