What separates one person from another in the professional world? Some would say experience, some would say education, and still others may say desire or drive. Whatever the difference is, when a person enters your caseload, using the TRIAGE CASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, you now have the ability to offer something new to the people that have come to you for help. When you approach your caseload using this new technique, you are not giving more to one person than another. You are not treating one person better than another, you are offering your help for each person in the area where they need it the most.

When you use the Quality Assured Employee program, you are working with area employers in a way that you have never before. When the TRIAGE is performed, the proper consents signed, and the person is directed to the website to fill out the online application, the process begins.

Once the application is submitted online, and the proper consents are signed, ADAPT COMPANIES will perform a background check on the applicant, and their application is reviewed by a real person, not by a computer.

ADAPT works with your agency to develop materials for you to use when speaking with the private sector to develop job leads and secure positions for your stable of certified employees. The process works like this...

Background Check

Only those that meet the proper qualifications receive certification.

Quality Assured Employee Online Application