In the traditional Rapid Response, a team is sent in to give the employees of a closing employer an overview of what services are available for them in the area.

This has traditionally meant a significant investment in time and resources for your agency, and at times it has not been feasible to offer your services because an employer does not have a high enough number of employees.

This meant you missed out on those numbers.

With this new and exciting service offered by ADAPT, you can capture those numbers and provide a valuable service to the community that they may have missed out on otherwise. This service is one that takes a standard truncated version of the traditional Rapid Response class and puts it directly into the hands of those in need. The video contains standard information for the state including UI Benefits and more. Also included in the disc is customized location information for your area and a customized introduction for your agency.

This introduction can include a simple sampling of images from your area, and/or an introduction from your agency that most often introduces the viewer to the agency.

The disc is delivered in Quicktime format so that the person receiving it does not need a DVD player and can view the disc on most resource library computers.

When you use the Quality Assured Employee program, you are working with area employers in a way that you have never before. When the TRIAGE is performed, the proper consents signed, and the person is directed to the website to fill out the online application, the process begins.