Put simply, TRIAGE CASE MANAGEMENT is a new way of managing your caseload in order of priority. Traditionally everyone that enters your caseload has been given the same weight. That means that everyone gets the same attention and the same services, whether they need it or not. With TRIAGE, you are given the flexibility to treat new cases with the level of concentration that they need and deserve. When cases are treated using this model, you give services that are appropriate to those that need certain things. You will assess a person’s readiness to work or need for training to become ready in the near future. You will assess the needs of those needing additional services and refer those people to those services without unnecessarily bogging down your workload and at the same time GETTING YOUR NUMBERS! Utilizing the TRIAGE system in conjunction with the Quality Assured Employee program, you can offer the top 20% of your caseload a certification that may allow them to search for better employment faster and easier, this helping achieve your numbers in other ways. This system does require a new perspective on case management, are you ready?