We are ADAPT - Publishing - Counseling - Training - Outplacement

Welcome to ADAPT Companies, your premier source of publications and training on topics involving people. No matter what your people challenges are, ADAPT can help you to solve them. Whether you’re a individual or a company, ADAPT Companies can help you to:
* Manage stress and anger
* Improve home and family living
* Improve self image and personal confidence
* Optimize your job readiness skills and personal marketing strategies
* Hire the right people
* Improve employee performance
* Build effective teams
* Organize successful outplacement programs
* Develop effective managers, leaders and executives
* Authors and publishers of 25 books on job readiness, home and family planning, personal development and stress management
* World class trainers and counselors who are specialists in human resource
management, assessment usage, counseling and crisis management, and outplacement.
* GSA contractors (Training and Publications)
* Rapid Response Outplacement Team for the State of Texas
* A Successful Firm with fourteen years of proven excellence in the field

ADAPT Specializes in:
* Situations that others cannot or are unwilling to handle
* Short lead times and tight budgets
* Customized training
* Situations that require a personal touch
* Making our customers the Heroes before their clients/employees
* Unconventional training that is effective and fun
* Environments with little or no structure
* Hostile work settings

Contact ADAPT Companies...
PO Box 27753, Austin Texas, 78755
(512) 215-0862 or call toll free 1-800-333-08429

In Waco call 254-753-2783 or call toll free 1-800-994-0077
Corporate Mail to...
100 North 6th Street Suite 703, Waco Texas, 76701

Contact List:
President: Melvin Collins
Vice President / CFO: Yolanda Salazar
Programs: Chris Collins, or Weldon Boggus
Product Development, Tech Support: Bob Chabot